List of trading firms

Name Locations Description
ABN Amro
Allston Trading
Altrion Trading Group Altrion Trading Group San Francisco, US
Los Angeles, US
New York, US
We strive to provide the tools and support to make our traders as successful as they can be and make Altrion the best place in the world for the career off-floor trader.
Archelon Group
Algorithmic Trading Group Algorithmic Trading Group Hong Kong, PRC
Leiden, NL
ATG specializes in high frequency automated trading on the major financial markets around the world.
Avatar Securities
Belvedere Trading
Breakwater Capital
Bright Trading
Broad Street Trading
Bluefin Trading
Chicago Trading Company
Chopper Trading
Deep Blue Capital
Discrete Daytrading
DRW Trading Group
DV Trading
Echo trade
Eagle 7 trading
Eldorado Trading
Frontline Capital
Geneva Trading
Group One Trading
1 1000 100
The Intelligent Market Trading Company The Intelligent Market Trading Company Chicago, US A proprietary trading company with the core focus of applying cutting edge technology, and trading techniques to the problem of floor traded and electronically traded derivative securities.
International Trading Group / DE Trading Corporation
Jane Street
Jump Trading
Kershner Trading Group
Kokomo Capital
Marquette Partners
MGB Trading
Nico Holdings
Nino Options Nino Options Amsterdam, NL Nino Options is a Dutch Market Maker company quoting options on Dutch and German equities and indexes.
Patak Trading Partners Patak Trading Partners Chicago, US Patak's core mission is to seek out the best trading talent at any level of experience and provide these traders with the necessary tools to succeed.
Peak 6
Prime International Trading
Ronin Capital
SKTY Trading
SBM Capital
Schneider Group
Schonfeld Group
SFG Trading
Simplex Investments
Spot Trading
Sun Trading
SIG Susquehanna
Swift Trade
Title Trading
Tower Hill Futures
Tradebot Systems
TransMarket Group
Vankar Trading Corporation
WH Trading
Wasserman Capital
Wolverine Trading
WTS Proprietary Trading
Xerxes Trading

List of recruiting firms

Name Description
Huxley Associates
Matthew Hoyle Financial Markets Matthew Hoyle Financial Markets Matthew Hoyle Financial Markets (MHFM) is an award-winning executive search firm serving the recruitment needs of banks, hedge funds, proprietary and high frequency trading firms, liquidity providers and brokerages. We have experience covering a multitude of liquid and illiquid trading strategies, ranging from long short equity to special situations and PE deals.


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Additional disclaimer

We are not in any way, shape or form affiliated with these firms and simply provide this list as-is so that, should you think you've got what it takes, can apply with them. We do our best to keep this list as complete as possible by actively searching for companies. We only list firms who are actively seeking people (for example via announcement on their website). Some companies have sent us cease and desist letters to remove their names so the list (we'll oblidge, but it's like trying to sue a search engine for linking) is not as exhaustive as could be.